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Even the most experienced spa enthusiast may just occasionally question what to do when faced with a new spa or a new treatment. We suggest you browse through this small introduction so that you can fully relax and get the most out of your very own Serena Spa experience.

Please visit our spa to get personal advice about our various treatments and to make an appointment. Or send us an e-mail with your preferred appointment time and favourite spa experience.

We suggest that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your spa appointment to allow yourself time to change and enjoy the shower and the steam room (subject to availability on the location) – this is available free of charge when you have a treatment booking. To relax and be unstressed is the best preparation for a wonderful spa experience.

Drink plenty of fluids (water or herbal teas) before and after your treatments, especially if taking heat therapies, such as sauna or steam, in order to flush the body of toxins. Avoid eating immediately before your treatment. Alcohol should be avoided before and immediately after your spa experience.

The spa environment is supposed to be a stress-reducing, tranquil experience, so turn your phone off before entering the spa. Remember, you are doing something very good for your mind and body, so switch yourself off too and allow us to pamper you.

Spa is healthy - smoking is not, so we kindly request our Guests not to smoke in the spa.

All spa treatments, except Thai Yoga Massage, are taken without clothes as the oils and creams used would otherwise stain your clothes. Special disposable underwear (Langote) is provided for treatments. Our therapists are professionally trained and will appropriately drape areas of the body that are not a focus of the treatment. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing your own underwear, please feel free to do so!

Peace and tranquillity are essential elements of a Serena Spa experience, but giving your spa therapist feedback, such as the strength of the massage, areas requiring more or less attention, music volume or room temperature is perfectly acceptable and will only enhance the enjoyment of your experience.

Plan your facial well in advance of any special occasion, as sometimes your face may break out later. Our products contain active natural ingredients so unless otherwise instructed, it’s also good to leave the products on your face as long as possible after the treatment so your skin can continue to absorb them. For men we recommend to shave a couple of hours before a facial treatment.

We recommend a warm shower or even better, where available, spend some time in the sauna or the steam room before a spa treatment to loosen the muscles and open the pores of the skin. After the steam or sauna, have a shower without soap and dry up well.

Take your time to “wake up to reality”, enjoy our relaxation area sipping a freshly made juice or a cup of warm herbal tea. Serena Spa is your home and we would like you to enjoy your stay as long as you wish.

Payment for your spa experience can be settled in cash or by credit card and in most of our hotel locations, also by posting to your room. Please note that the charges quoted in the spa menu are exclusive of service charges, local taxesand other compulsory charges.


Serena Spa does not provide medical or other forms of curative treatments; our spa concept is for relaxation and pampering. Should you have a medical condition, including chronic pains, we recommend you see a physician prior to your spa visit.

Check with your doctor first as to which treatments are recommended. Generally we do not recommend hydrotherapy and the use of heat therapies, such as steam and sauna. Full body massages, wraps and scrubs are not recommended after the 4th month of pregnancy or if there have been any previous complications. In any event, use of the spa facility and enjoyment of spa treatments during pregnancy are on own risk.

If you suffer from high blood pressure you should not use the wet areas and abstain from strenuous spa treatments, such as hydrotherapy. In any case, we suggest that you consult with your doctor prior to your spa visit.

If you have any heat conditions, fever, recent post-operative wounds or other serious medical conditions you should not use the spa. Please consult with your doctor if in doubt. Serena Spa does not take any responsibility for any adverse effect of a spa treatment.

Our products are based on natural active ingredients with a minimum of chemical preservatives. Further, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables are used in many of our spa experiences.

Although we have taken the utmost care in selecting and controlling ingredients used in the various spa experiences, we cannot guarantee against allergic reactions. If you have any previous experience of an allergic reaction or suspect such may occur, please come to the spa a day in advance to take a spot test of the product intended to be used for your spa experience.

Serena Spa does not permit any lewd conduct in our spas and in case of any sexual harassment, the spa service will be terminated immediately and full payment charged.

All treatments are performed under the liability of Serena Spa Pvt. Ltd. whose maximum liability is limited to Rs. 100,000 any one incident. Detailed conditions of the limited liability can be obtained from Serena Spa Pvt. Ltd. by written request to

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