Safe Spa

Our objective is to create a safe spa space and experience for our guests as well as that for our staff. In order to do so, we are following strict safety and sanitization protocols at regular intervals.

Daily Protocols:

  1. Staff temperature check at entry point
  2. Staff wearing masks at all time
  3. No staff enters the hotel premises with any symptoms of Covid-19
  4. All persons in the space maintain 1m social distancing
  5. Staff change and sanitize on entry into the spa
  6. Complete sanitization of the spa with 70% alcohol sanitizer at the start and end of the day
  7. All equipment, stationery, furnitures and fixtures are sanitized

Service Protocols:

  1. Pre booking of appointments only, making sure there are no walk-ins and therefore overlapping or overcrowding of space
  2. All guests’ temperature to be taken at the hotel entry as well as the spa entry
  3. Only 2 guests at a time
  4. Guests are welcomed warmly without any physical contact
  5. Hand sanitizer at spa reception for guests to use upon entry
  6. No towels, water to be served (unless guests make a request)
  7. Staff provides guests with disposable mask to wear during the service
  8. Staff disinfects and washes their hands well before or even during each service
  9. The staff wears a fresh disposable mask, a fresh washable apron, face shield, gloves (for salon only) before each service
  10. Couple Treatments are avoided to prevent overcrowding of space

Cleaning Protocols:

  1. The used room is disinfected and sanitized after every use
  2. We have replaced reusable linen with one-time-use disposables where possible
  3. All soiled disposables are disposed after use
  4. After sanitization of the used room, a 2 hour gap is maintained before next guest uses that room
  5. Steam room is disinfected and sanitized after each use

All the above mentioned protocols are followed at every spa that we open, making sure the safety of all our guests and staff.