A Word of Wellness

In today’s time it is important to understand and focus on overall wellness and well-being for a long and healthier life. Our fast paced life, often makes us ignore the daily essentials that will keep us healthier and happier. Here are a few things that you can do in your everyday life to boost your immune system and live a healthy life 🙂

1. Eat healthy, yet balanced :

Every individual is different, similarly every body requires a different mix of nutrients on a daily basis to maintain a balanced diet. Understand the perfect balance of nutrients i.e. carbs, protein, fibre, vitamins etc. that best works for your body and maintain that balance.

2. Physical Well-being :

With the kind of sedentary lifestyles we live today, it is important to take some time out of our busy schedule and focus on our physical wellness. This might be as little as taking the stairs every day or getting up from your work chair every 30 minutes for a quick brisk walk. Being physically active for every individual varies, but it does not mean that you must hit the gym or take up high intensity workouts. Home workouts, simple floor exercises or even quick walking breaks from your computer screens help. A physically active lifestyle, keeps your heart pumped up, improves blood circulation, giving you an enhanced immune system with a clean and glowing skin.

3. De-stress yourself :

Stress is a word we all are very familiar with. We are stressed due to work, responsibilities etc. For the mind and body to be fitter and stronger to fight the daily challenges or illnesses it is very important to de-stress. Meditation, Yoga, Massages help calm your nerves, de-stress you therefore clearing your mind and boosting your immune system.

An occasional foot reflexology also does wonders for the whole body :

- Foot Reflexology works on 15000+ nerve endings or reflex points on the sole of your foot

- Reflexology is an ancient healing technique that works on the principle that the reflex points in your sole corresponds to the different organs and glands in your body

- Our Signature Foot Reflexology and other Signature Body Massages work on the reflex points which help to:

  • Improve your blood Circulation
  • Relieve body aches and pains
  • Better your digestion and bowel movement
  • Fight depression and other mental or emotional conditions
  • De-stress the body and the mind
  • Boost overall Immunity

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