What is the difference between spa and massage?

Spa and Massage Therapy may sound similar for many. Though both involved in muscle manipulation and the organs which are connected to improve the well-being. Before getting in-depth into the differences lets brush up with some basics about spa massage and medical massage therapy.

What is a Spa Massage?

A Spa is a place where people can avail spa treatments with the aid of mineral enriched water through therapeutic baths. In general, spa therapy gets differs from one to another because they specially designed to offer specific health benefits accordingly to the individuals.

What is Massage Therapy?

Meanwhile, medical massage therapy also known as Full Body Massage Therapy involves applying pressure on a specific part of the patient’s body to achieve muscle relaxation and also for eliminating body pain.
Both, Spa and medical massage therapy offer body massage services however, the purpose of massage therapy gets differ. Here in this article, we have elaborated on the differences between a spa massage and medical massage service.

Differences between Spa and Massage Therapy

  • Environment: Well, the environment in which Spa and Medical Massage Therapy offered differs a lot. Spa Massage often provided under an atmosphere where you can enjoy comfortable and complete relaxation. On the other hand, medical massage therapy or full body massage services are performed in the nursing environment to achieve targeted health benefits.
  • Cost: Since Spa treatments or massages are offered in a relaxed environment often it ends up in a luxurious environment owing to that it cost a lot more when compared with medical massage therapy.
  • Therapists Involved: People who offer medical massage therapy are true professionals and properly trained enough to provide massage services. However, in Spa, you don’t find any therapists as professionals as medical massage personal.
  • Both a Spa and Massage therapy, offer significant health benefits, however, it is essential for one to engage with the professionals who vastly experienced offering massage services for availing those health benefits effectively.

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